BUERGO.FOL has succeeded in securing a place in a strongly contested market since its foundation in 1971, resulting in it developing into a stable and reliable supplier of quality products. These decades of success are not only based on an ongoing development of our film manufacturing processes but also on our corporate philosophy which focuses on innovative developments. This encourages our staff to search for new chances and products in the future.

BUERGO.FOL has repeatedly proving its competitiveness with new products and that despite the permanently changing market requirements. The experience we have gained in the manufacturing of films over the past 40 years places us in a position to offer new products which are in line with market requirements. BUERGO.FOL is the first company in the world to implement plants for the manufacturing of 5-layer and 7-layer films in a production process.

In addition to flexible films, we also produce rigid films in all finishes at a second site. A printing centre with the latest printing and peripheral plants was also taken into operation in at a third site in 2009, enabling us to present ourselves as a full-range supplier. This means that we can supply you with all of your packaging solutions for food and technical applications from a single source.

BUERGO.FOL is planning to expand its market position further by making considerable investments in highly qualified staff, trend-setting research and the most modern plants. We are convinced that this extensive effort is imperative for a solid growth.

We are also aware of our responsibility towards the common good and the environment and hope that we will be able to develop them further together with our customers on the basis of a trusting in cooperation with our customers.

In this age of information technology, BUERGOFOL has made it its objective to provide the packaging economy with its own impulses. You as our customer should become even more successful as a result of our innovative developments. We would like to support you with this!

I would today already like to thank you for your trust!

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Gregor Schleicher