The non-migrating, modern, and robust reclosable packaging!

DUO HARD - generally speaking - is a packaging system which involves a rigid, thermoformed top film (lid) and a rigid, thermoformed bottom film (bottom, tray or dish). As the name suggests, there is a hard film on both the top and the bottom which surrounds and protects the packaged goods.

BUERGO.FOL has now perfected this type of packaging!


Adhesion and migration

  • Proven system consisting of (two) rigid BUERGO.FOL composite films.
  • The composite films possess superior bonding strength:
  • Far better than with conventional adhesive lamination.
  • The innovative in-house BUERGO.FOL technology for producing composite films ensures a package which is absolutely non-migrating.


  • Both the hard top film and the hard bottom film can be thermoformed with outstanding results.
  • Even the most detailed moulded structures can be achieved when BUERGO.FOL composite films are used in the thermoforming process.
  • BUERGO.DUO HARD is perfectly compatible with all common thermoforming equipment and machines!

Easy-open feature

  • BUERGO.FOL offers its usual customized and user-friendly peeling features, such as Easy Peel for effortless opening of the packaging.

No leaking

  • The years of experience and extensive know-how of BUERGO.FOL are incorporated in the meticulous selection of the ideal sealing materials in order to ensure that the packaging remains tightly sealed before being opened for the first time.     


  • The top and bottom films of BUERGO.DUO HARD from BUERGO.FOL are thermoformed in such a way that the contours of the top film fit perfectly against those of the bottom film - and vice versa.
  • This guarantees that when the package is reclosed after being opened for the first time, an impervious seal is re-established between the thermoformed top film and bottom film.
  • The highlight: A „click lock“ feature attained through the ingenious dovetailed thermoforming of the top and bottom films, enables packages already open to be resealed securely and tightly.
  • Due to the stability and resilience of BUERGO.DUO HARD, packages can be opened and reclosed virtually countless times.  

Shelf life

  • Through the use of the proven (high) barrier technology from BUERGO.FOL, the longest possible shelf life of the product to be packaged can be ensured by customizing the barrier effect of the composite films.  


  • BUERGO.DUO HARD can be printed in the highest print quality.


  • Typical thicknesses of the BUERGO.DUO HARD foil: 200 to 900 microns
  • Barrier and high barrier
  • UV protection
  • Printable with up to 10 colours
  • Seals against APET, PP, PVC and PE with customized peeling properties

To suit YOUR requirements!


  •     • Dairy products (especially cheese)
        • Fresh meat
        • Cooked, cured, and processed meat
        • Poultry
        • Fruits and vegetables
        • Fish and seafood
        • Baked goods
        • Prepared meals
        • Snacks, sweets, and confectioneries



        • Electronics
        • Household goods
        • Cleaning products
        • Cosmetics and hygiene
        • Office supplies
        • Handicrafts accessories
        • Industrial components and replacement parts