A new item for your bucket list!

With its BUERGO.VAC-06 ESF, BUERGO.FOL presents an innovative sealing film for containers made of polypropylene PP (such as buckets, dishes or trays, and cups):

  • It is used primarily for sealing polypropylene buckets having particularly thin edges of 0.5 to 2 mm.
  • BUERGO.VAC-06 ESF provides a reliable seal on even the thinnest gauge bucket edge where other films wouldn’t have been able to hold up.
  • Used in manual or semiautomatic foil sealing stations for PP buckets, BUERGO.VAC-06 ESF produces an absolute leak-proof and secure closure.
  • This guarantees that the goods sealed in the bucket stay where they belong: They won’t leak out even if the bucket is turned upside down!
  • This ingenious sealing film earns a high place on your bucket list!


  • Also an ideal cover and protective film for polypropylene buckets subjected to greater pressure.
  • Easy-peel feature: Although the cover film is tightly sealed, the pull tab allows it to be removed easily from the rim of the bucket without leaving a residue.
  • Can be laminated with conventional type films, such as OPET, OPA or OPP to form BUERGO.FOL composite films.
  • The film is utterly tear-proof and resilient.
  • Limited elasticity of the film facilitates easier removal.
  • Proven BUERGO.FOL technology: Customised barriers for all packaged goods.
  • Highly transparent. Printable.
  • Not affected by hot filling.
  • Usable on all standard systems and machines.
  • Recommended by equipment and machine manufacturers.




  • Typical thicknesses: 50 to 120 microns
  • UV protection for the product
  • Anti-fog feature
  • Barrier and high barrier
  • Printable with up to 10 colours
  • Ideal seal against PP with customized peeling properties