Safety Peel Film

BUERGO.SAFETY PEEL 7-layer variable30 – 100 µm



BUERGO.SAFETY PEEL: A modern intelligent packaging solution

The BUERGO.SAFETY PEEL product range includes perfectly sealable and
easy-to-open high barrier films of the highest quality for use as top films or as bottom films in all kinds of packaging. For the packaging of food in particular, this innovative and equally secure peeling system results in optimal protection of the product: the sealing seam is completely leak-proof whereas the packaging can still be opened easily without any aids by the consumer! What used to be an insurmountable problem can now be solved using the high performance films from BUERGO.FOL.

What makes the SAFETY PEEL films so special is that they are even safe when
the sealing surface becomes contaminated. Another advantage is their universal applicability as top film for all common materials for the bottom film – and this is unmatched!

The opening properties are characterized by a smooth peel without uncontrolled tearing. The handling is optimally designed for the consumer. Due to the proven BUERGO.FOL barrier technology, the packaging provides the longest possible maximum shelf life. Anti-fog accoutrement, UV protection, and perfect machine compatibility round off the excellent characteristics of BUERGO.SAFETY PEEL. For the packaging of industrial and consumer goods as well, the BUERGO.SAFETY PEEL films from BUERGO.FOL are the first and foremost choice.

SAFETY PEELEasy opening!
Barrier and high barrier Longer storage life for the products!
Perfect sealing, even when the sealing surface is contaminated The sealing seam is completely leak-proof!
Highest possible product safety!
High mechanical stability in connection
with excellent elasticity
High level of protection of the product!
Excellent gloss and high transparencyBest product presentation!
Variety of productsUse for top and bottom films!
Individual packaging designs possible!
Excellent sealing against APET, PP, PVC, PE Universal applicability!

Customize your product…

• Thicknesses from 30 to 100 μm
• Barrier and high barrier
• Printable with up to 10 colours
• Seals against APET, PP, PVC, PE
• UV protection of the product
• Anti-fog accoutrement (top film)