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Safety Peel

A different kind of peel film.
The most secure seal, even with heavily contaminated sealing surfaces.

Nevertheless, the simplest and safest opening behavior (peeling) without tearing and above all suitable for seniors.

SAFETY PEELEasy opening behavior of the packaging
Barrier and high barrierExtended shelf life of the products
Perfect sealing even with contaminated sealing surfacesThe sealing seams are absolutely tight
Maximum product safety
High mechanical strength combined with excellent elasticityHigh protection of the product
Excellent gloss and high transparencyBest product presentation
Product varietyUse for top and bottom films
Individual packaging design possible
Excellent sealing behaviorUniversal use

When tight has to be tight!

Especially for fish and meat, which like to leave contamination on the sealing surface, we offer the perfect film with our safety peel. Thanks to the specially developed peel, the pack can be opened easily and evenly, even if it is sealed at above-average temperatures. A safe, high-barrier film for demanding, easy-to-open packaging.



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