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The ERGO.BAG product range includes bags for all areas and markets.

Barrier and High Barrier · Thicknesses from 50 to 220 µm

Our products have proven themselves not only for the packaging of food and pet food, but also for non-food bags for the packaging of industrial and consumer goods, for technical applications, for the chemical industry, for the medical sector and for special applications.

With bags made from high-quality, innovative and tailor-made film products, we help our business partners quickly and easily to comprehensively cover their need for intelligent packaging solutions.

• 2 or 3 seam sealed bags
• Tubular bag
• With the BUERGO.FOL barrier technology
• With food mark or logo
• Also available as goffered/ structured variant
• Stand-up pouch
• Side gusseted pouch
• Doypack or K seal
• Folded from a roll of film
• With separately sealed bottom
• With or without pressure lock system
• Medium to high barrier: 3 to 16 layers
• Multi-chamber bag • With and without separation perforation
• Separate packing units
• Special bag • With metallized foils
• Antistatic finish
• UV protection
• Paper lamination
• With spouts of your choice
• Shrink bag • Bottom seam round/straight, on chain, with perforation on a roll
• Excellent shrinkage
• Pasteurization and cooking
• Extremely puncture resistant
• Freezing applications
• High-end pouch • Bags for shellfish and crustaceans
• Sterilization pouch
• Pasteurization bags
• Cooking bag
• Oven pouch
• Highest puncture resistance
• BUERGO.LIFE • Vacuum bags with different variants also available as a RECYCLABLE option
• Polyolefin film vacuum bags = high barrier + recyclability
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