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Gregor Schleicher
Managing director

Our decades of success are not only based on the continuous development of our film manufacturing processes but also on our corporate philosophy that puts an emphasis on groundbreaking developments. This motivates our staff to continue looking for new opportunities and products in the future.

Being a medium-sized family business with a rich tradition, we take the protection of the climate and the environment very seriously to create the best possible living conditions for future generations, namely our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Research &

Always up to date when it comes to new raw materials and improved, sustainable materials.

Close contact with manufacturers of raw materials: mutual
exchange of ideas and feedback.

Selection of the very best raw materials.

Elaborate film recipes, best possible optimization.

Film thickness is tailored perfectly for the
intended purpose.

Understanding the science through detailed analysis
with high-tech equipment in the lab.

Always up to date thanks to: conventions, conferences,
seminars, fairs and literature research.

Expertise: almost 50 years of know-how in the development of
(high) barrier films.

Direct implementation of sustainability measures

Prizes and awards for sustainable products:
foamed APET (amorphous polyethylene terephthalate).

Weight reduction through foaming.

Use of bio-based and therefore renewable raw materials possible.

Actual and real sustainable solutions with other materials, such as paper.

Reuse of edge trim and other “surplus products”, which are still valued
raw materials for BUERGOFOL.

Use of many recycled raw materials,
such as R-PET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate).

Strict implementation of the new packaging act.

Design for recycling: packaging is designed in a way
that makes it easier to be recycled.

Our manufacturing facilities – technologically flawless

Only the best facilities are used for manufacturing. Manufacturing facilities
are state of the art and are serviced regularly!

New investments in manufacturing facilities every year.

Better and more sustainable manufacturing processes, increased yield and efficiency.

With our in-house pilot plant, where experiments are conducted and pilot projects are
launched, we optimize our products and try to find the best process parameters for our clients.

Reduction/Avoidance of surplus products through careful planning.

We make our own modifications to manufacturing facilities to further increase sustainability.

The excellent company suggestion scheme at BUERGOFOL motivates staff to come up
with new ideas and improvements.

Constant training of staff and manufacturing facility operators.

Networking and partners

Member of the Umweltpakt Bayern:
Self-commitment to the protection of the environment.

Environmental certificates from raw material suppliers.

GKV Verhaltenskodex certificate. Good governance, environment and sustainability.

Close working relationship with „Der Grüne Punkt“ (the Green Dot)
and other Dual Systems in Germany.

Always in contact with recycling companies.

Responsible use of materials that can no longer serve as working materials
but can still be used for energy recovery.

Sustainability is
our company policy

Installation of solar systems on company premises.

Switch of the entire lighting system on company premises to energy-saving LED lighting.

DIN EN 50001-certified: systematic energy management in place.

Responsibility for conscientious use of energy and raw materials.

Making contributions to observing climate goals with products from BUERGOFOL, such as:

• with films for packaging (to avoid the spoilage of foodstuffs)
• with films for solar systems and wind turbines
• and with films to improve infrastructure.

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