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Company guidelines

QUALITY At BUERGO.FOL, we pride ourselves in only providing products of outstanding quality to our customers that not only meet but often excel customer expectations and needs.

Over the last 40 years our unique combination of using only highest quality raw materials, cutting-edge research and state-of the art production facilities has made us a trusted brand as a supplier of barrier films to many branches of industry especially the pharmaceuticals, food, non-food and converting industries. This long-standing business relationship has given us the expertise to help our customers meet their specific needs e.g. production under the very high hygiene standards compliant with BRC/IoP.

However, we believe that there is more to quality than producing outstanding products: True quality means taking seriously our responsibility to our customers as well as to the environment and the societies we live in. INNOVATION

Our people are our most valuable asset! It is only through the motivation, dedication and competence of our staff that we achieve the high level of quality and innovation that our company is known for.

Hence, we invest in recruiting highly-skilled staff and provide our employees with a working environment allowing them to maximise their personal potential and development. Be it in our research labs or production facilities, we always strive to implement the highest safety standards in working areas.

How much we value our staff is also reflected in our leadership philosophy:

Successful leadership depends on a strong base of credibility, trust and mutual respect. We take seriously the concerns and potential of our staff and are rewarded by them with loyalty to and identification with our company. This has allowed us to meet and even excel customer expectations, time after time, over the last 40 years. RESPONSIBILITY

As a modern company we believe we are responsible not only to our customers and employees but also to the environment we inhabit and the societies we live in.

Economic and environmental sustainability are ever increasingly important, hence we put a strong emphasis on responsible use of raw materials, waste minimisation and energy efficiency throughout our manufacturing processes. We constantly push boundaries in the development of thinner and more recyclable films helping our customers reduce shipping costs and hence their company carbon footprints.

This way, we contribute more than empty words to the debate on corporate responsibility in a world characterised by increasing resource scarcity, economic uncertainty and environmental fragility.

Siegenburg, March 2022

Gregor Schleicher


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