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The realisation of SUSTAINABILITY at Buergofol!

Life (ancient Greek “βίος“ or “bios“) not only means life in the true sense of the word but also the sustaining of the best possible living conditions for all species on our unique planet earth now and in the future. This requires sensible and sustainable actions and conduct.


Buergofol already awarded
the “Sustainability Award“ for
foamed APET film in 2015!

Buergofol operates “Design for Recycling“:


  • adaptation of the film qualities for the best possible recycling conform with the stipulations of the Dual System and the Central Packaging Register Agency (ZSVR).
  • manufacturing of recyclable polyolefin films.
  • mono films on an APET basis (bottom film) with a tailored and sealing top film.
  • avoidance of adhesives by using proprietary thermo-laminating technology.

Buergofol uses recyclates:

  • a vision that was implemented at an early stage: highly modern installations are available for the processing of PET recyclates in a procedure that has been approved by the EFSA.
  • bottom or base films on the basis of APET can include up to 100% (post-consumer) recyclates.
  • packaging systems that are manufactured using film from Buergofol are therefore able to achieve a recyclate share that is much higher than 50%.

Buergofol uses sustainable materials:

  • when requested by customers, we use paper that is made from sustainable resources.
  • development and provision of sophisticated paper-film composite systems.
  • base or bottom part: a thermoformability that is excellent for paper and the highest level of protection due to barriers.
  • top part: a transparent complete composite film/paper (without a viewing window being punched out) on the basis of an innovative new development (trade fair innovation!).
  • a packaging system with flat paper or a composite cardboard-film as a bottom part and with the tried and trusted Buergefol skin film at the tip (skin film on flat cardboard).
  • thanks to a Buergofol innovation, this innovative packaging system can be product direct on existing Darfresh installations without a conversion being necessary.




Skin films


Flexible films


Lamination films


Networking and partners

Member of the Bavarian Environmental Pact: Commitment to environmental protection.

Environmental certificates from raw material suppliers.

GKV code of conduct certificate. Good governance, environment and sustainability.

Intensive exchange with the Green Dot (Grüne Punkt) and other dual systems.

Constant contact with recyclers.

Conscientious utilization of materials that are mechanical can no longer be used, but are used to generate energy can become.

Buergofol also consistently implements the latest legal provisions of the German Packaging Act.

The legislator uses the dual system to support the recyclability of packaging and the use of recyclates and sustainable raw materials.



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