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Duo Hard

With our ingenious composite films, it is possible to combine packaging with a rigid, thermoformed top film and rigid, thermoformed bottom film in such a way that the packaging is migration-free, has maximum bond strength, is stable and robust, has tailor-made opening behavior and offers the best product protection through absolute tightness before opening.

The sustainability aspect is also satisfied with this type of packaging, in which a recycled content of up to 100% in the APET body is possible.

The migration-free, modern and robust resealable packaging!

In general, DUO HARD is a packaging system that comprises a rigid, thermoformed top film (lid) and a rigid, thermoformed bottom film (bottom, tray or shell). As the name suggests, there is a rigid film on top and bottom that surrounds and protects the packaged goods.

BUERGO.FOL has now perfected this type of packaging!


Liability and migration

  • Proven system consisting of (two) rigid BUERGO.FOL composite films
  • The composite films have the highest level of adhesion: Far better than with conventional adhesive lamination.
  • The innovative and in-house BUERGO.FOL technology for manufacturing the composite films leads to absolutely migration-free packaging.


  • Top and bottom films from BUERGO.FOL are thermoformed for BUERGO.DUO HARD in such a way that the deformed top film fits perfectly into the thermoformed bottom film – and vice versa.
  • As a result, the formed upper film seals ideally with the formed lower film after the packaging has been opened for the first time.
  • The special feature: Using a “click closure”, which is achieved through a sophisticated and coordinated thermoforming of the top and bottom film, the already opened packaging can be closed again securely and tightly.
  • The stability and robustness of BUERGO.DUO HARD means that the packaging can be opened and closed almost countless times.


  • Both the rigid top film and the hard bottom film are excellently thermoformable.
  • With thermoforming, very detailed structures can also be achieved with BUERGO.FOL composite films.
  • BUERGO.DUO HARD runs perfectly on all common thermoforming/deep-drawing systems!


  • By using the proven (high) barrier technology from BUERGO.FOL, the barrier effect of the composite films is tailored to the product to be packaged in order to achieve the best possible durability.

Opening characteristics

  • As usual, BUERGO.FOL offers tailor-made and consumer-friendly opening behavior for the packaging, such as Easy Peel for particularly easy opening.


  • BUERGO.DUO HARD can be printed with the highest print quality.


  • The many years of experience and comprehensive expertise of BUERGO.FOL ensure the highest level of tightness of the packaging before it is opened for the first time, as the selection of ideal sealing media is made with particular care.
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