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FlatMap ®

… the most sustainable
MAP packaging on the market
for your sliced products.

The new EU plastics strategy sets the guidelines: by 2030, all packaging in the EU should be completely recyclable. This is where the innovation FlatMap® comes in with new standards:

Packaging specialist Sealpac GmbH, film manufacturer Buergofol GmbH, carton packaging specialist Van Genechten Packaging and the Swiss family business Bigler AG Fleischwaren have brought FlatMap® to market maturity.

A collaboration of

Liner &
Top film


cardboard carrier

In co-operation

The MAP packaging for sliced products, which consists of a high proportion of fibers, is up to 100% recyclable.

Your kitchen helper

Portioned freshness straight to the table with the practical serving plate.

Your recycling booster

Unique complete separability of film and FSC cardboard – your all-round solution for a satisfied consumer.

Your contribution to less food waste

With our innovative reseal quality, you guarantee your customers freshness right down to the last slice.

Your brand ambassador

Thanks to full-surface printability using the 4/c offset process, there are no limits to your brand communication.


Top film

Consumer-friendly opening behavior with perfect reclosing force.


The cardboard board is lined with an up to 100% recyclable polyolefin-based liner and can be easily separated from the cardboard board after use.

Cardboard board

FSC fresh fibers – printed using high-quality offset printing with low-migration inks and varnishes.

Reliable processing

FlatMap® can be implemented on SEALPAC A-Series traysealers with FlatMap® preparation. With the innovative semi-automatic M-Flex traysealer, the full SEALPAC performance is now also available for smaller production processes.

This is where FlatMap® scores

Attention-grabbing presentation at the POS

FlatMap® is stable packaging that is presented standing, hanging or lying down. Since it is particularly flat, your product can be accommodated in large quantities in the refrigerated section to save space.

Reduced discoloration, best product appearance

Thanks to the tight-fitting film, the packaging contains less oxygen than conventional resealable thermoformed packaging. This prevents color changes in your product – and makes it a fast-moving item at the POS.

Ready-to-serve packaging for sliced products

Cheese slices, sausages or chicken salami – the MAP packaging FlatMap® is suitable for all sliced applications. The printable cardboard carrier serves as a serving plate – ideal for your branding.

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