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Outstanding thermoforming behavior

At the Ingolstadt site, our APET film (amorphous PET) is produced on four lines, which can be manufactured with a very high proportion of recyclate (> 99%).

In addition to excellent deep-drawing behavior, it is also ideally suited for all common deep-drawing systems.

Very high proportion of recyclate (> 99%)
Suitable for all common thermoforming systems!

The enormously transparent APET film is also available in different colors depending on customer requirements. The thickness range is also very wide. Furthermore, it is also available as a foamed variant, which means a high weight saving.

In addition to the pure mono APET film, we laminate it inline against various sealing and barrier films, optionally with or without peel or reclosure.

Printing on the film is also possible.

It is used in the sausage, meat or cheese sector, as well as for the production of blisters and trays.

All of our APET films are ideally suited for the food sector, and the high proportion of recycled material makes them very sustainable.

With or without peel
Printing possible

Foamed APET

Less is more!

Lower blade wear, no sharp corners in the event of incorrect blade positions, brilliant sealing properties and perfect barrier values thanks to the use of our tried-and-trusted 7-layer barrier technology are just some of the advantages of these innovative films.

The pleasant surface structure and up to 25% lower use of raw materials are sure to convince you. And that‘s not even mentioning the significant cost savings for the Green Dot (Der Grüne Punkt)!

You want 

  • a stable and environmentally-friendly packaging?
  • to save materials in times where raw materials are scarce?
  • an attractive or colour packaging?
  • to save energy for the sake of the environment?
  • to save weight and disposal costs?
  • to use your current plants comfortably?

We have the solution:
BUERGO.PET expanded

The micro foam structure of our expanded APET films enables you to implement completely new packaging ideas, even without having to equip your thermoforming machine with special hard films.
Extreme form depths are possible without the use of a stamp.

BUERGO.FOL wins Sustainability Award 2015:


This new packaging prize rewards the newest and most innovative products from the packaging industry that are also especially environmentally friendly. In the category „Best Packaging Solution“, the sustainable packaging solutions from BUERGO.FOL have now received an international award. Packaging Europe acknowledged the environmentally friendly and innovative packaging systems from BUERGO.FOL on the basis of foamed APET („BUERGO.PET expanded“) in its reasons as follows:
„With concerns about the sustainability of feedstocks required for bioplastics, BUERGO.FOL, the German manufacturer of flexible and rigid films for the food industry, has taken an alternative approach to the goal of sustainability: by developing a new generation of APET films.“

Reduced density

  • Less use of plastic
  • Less packaging
  • Saving materials – sustainability
  • Cost savings

Lower surface weight

  • Reduced packaging weight
  • DSD/ARA cost saving

Excellent thermoforming properties

  • Simple processes on your existing machines
  • Same cycle speed as with APET rigid films

Foam aspect

  • Attractive appearance and feel
  • Perfect presentation of your product

BUERGO.PET expanded
by BUERGO.FOL is a
Buergo.Life product

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