Barrier and high barrier · Thicknesses from 50 to 220 μm


BUERGO.BAG: A modern intelligent packaging solution

At BUERGO.FOL, we offer bags of highest quality for nearly all applications and packaging requirements. Be it pet food or medical supplies, we ensure you will always receive the optimal packaging solution for your product!
Hence, we allow our customers to select from a vast range of varying film thicknesses, colours, formats and barrier properties to design packaging solutions specifically tailored to their needs. This has made our BUERGO.BAG product range extremely popular across industries including the food and pet food industry, medical supplies and chemical industry.

BUERGO.FOL: Success through constant innovation

We provide a design-to-delivery in-house service to our customers and produce all films and bags at our own modern production facility. We are constantly striving to stay ahead of technological advances and are the only company in Europe using 75% new machines for film extrusion and cutting. Apart from this, we heavily invest in our highly-skilled research team to develop new film compositions to ensure we provide excellent product quality and meet all customer requirements while taking serious our responsibility for the environment.
By combining cutting-edge research with state-of-the-art production technology we consistently deliver products of the highest standard that we are sure to meet and excel our customers’ expectations, time after time.

BUERGO.FOL has a solution for everything!


• Transparent 2 or
3 seam side-weld bags
• Tubular bags
(based on PA/PE)

• With the BUERGO.FOL barrier technology
• With food labels or customer logos
• Stand-up pouches
• Gusseted bags
• Doypack- oder K-Siegelung
• Folded from a single roll of film
• With separately sealed bottom
• With or without zipper closing system
• Middle to high barriers: 3 to 16 layers
• Multi-chamber bags• With and without separating perforation
• Separate packaging
• Special bags• Metallized films
• Antistatic measures
• UV protection
• Paper laminated
• With spouts selected by the customer
• Shrink bags• Round/straight bottom seam, side seam,
perforated on rolls
• Excellent shrinking
• Pasteurization and cooking
• Extremely puncture resistant
• Freezing applications
• High-end bags• Bags for shell fish and crustaceans!
• Bags for sterilization, pasteurization and cooking!
• Highest possible puncture resistance

Customize your bag…

• Thicknesses from 50 to 220 μm!
• A wide variety of formats!
• Barrier and high barrier films!
• Pressure:
    · Printable with up to 10 colors!
    · HD pressure!
    · Effect pigments!
    · Counterfeit protection!
• Custom colourizations!
• With Euro hole or one/two
round holes!
• With one or two tear notches!


    • Fresh meat
    • Cooked, cured, and processed meat
    • Dairy products
    • Poultry
    • Fruits and vegetables
    • Fish and seafood
    • Baked goods
    • Prepared meals
    • Snacks, sweets and confectioneries



    • Electronics
    • Household goods
    • Cleaning products
    • Cosmetics and hygiene
    • Office supplies
    • Handicrafts accessories
    • Industrial components and replacement parts