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About us

BUERGO.FOL GmbH from Siegenburg in Bavaria is a company of around 300 employees specializing in the manufacture of rigid and flexible films. We offer a diverse and advanced product catalogue comprising shrink-wrap films, skin films and reclosable films for the food industry, medical products, pet food, the chemical industry, as well as special customized applications.

Buergofol celebrates its 50th birthday in 2021 and with this experience, BUERGO.FOL provides unique know-how in the development of modern packaging solutions.

Our wealth of experience combined with the constant drive to advance the current state of technology has made BUERGO.FOL market leader in the field of hightech technical films and special-purpose films with content customers in many different branches of business and industry.

At BUERGO.FOL we provide a full in-house service in the development and manufacture of highly customised packaging solutions ranging from the production of advanced rigid films and flexible films to customized printing of the films.


The future is green!

Thanks to the most advanced technology, we are able to produce foils with reduced thickness while maintaining the same quality. This reduces the use of resources, production waste, transport costs and recycling fees (green dot). With our heat recovery technologies, energy potentials and energy flows are sustainably preserved and renewed.

Here you can find out more about our Buergo Life product line…

With experience towards the future

Excellent innovations


A revolutionary new skin process

Combines extended shelf life, a particularly attractive presentation and a more sustainable one use of materials.
Product carriers made of cardboard and film are used for the FlatSkin® process, which can later be disposed of separately.


Sustainable MAP packaging

The most sustainable MAP packaging on the market for your sliced products.
The MAP packaging for sliced products, which consists of a high proportion of fibre, is up to 100% recyclable.

Foamed APET

Awarded and distinguished

BUERGO.FOL receives Sustainability Award
This newly introduced packaging award recognizes the latest and most innovative products that are also particularly environmentally friendly in the packaging industry. The sustainable packaging solutions from BUERGO.FOL have now received international awards in the “Best Packaging Solution” category.

ERGO.Flex polyolefin

Flexible foils with a high recyclability

Polyolefin films are…

Polyolefins are semi-crystalline polymers from the group of thermoplastics. The most important representatives are polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP).

If one speaks of polyolefins, one means a multi-layer plastic made of PP and PE.

In addition to a low density, these plastics are characterized above all by good chemical resistance and low water absorption. Furthermore, these raw materials have very good sealing properties, also due to contaminated sealing surfaces.

Polyolefins are easy to recycle as raw materials and are therefore among the harmless and environmentally friendly raw materials.


ERGO.Form polyolefin

Thermoforming foils

Oberfolie 72

ERGO.Top polyolefin

Top films


ERGO.Flow polyolefin

Flowpack films

Kaschierfolie 72

ERGO.Lam polyolefin

Laminating films

ERGO.Flex standard

Flexible films

ERGO.Flex standard program…



Thermoforming foils



Top films



Flowpack films



Laminating films


Like a second skin!

  • High barrier
    Longer shelf life of the products
  • High mechanical strength
    in combination with excellent elasticity
  • High product protection and product safety
  • Product is fixed in place in the packaging
    Attractive product presentation, no leaking juices
  • Product variety
    Packaging adjustable for optimal opening
  • Superb gloss and high transparency

With certificate for recyclability


Sustainable thanks to the use of up to 100% recycled material

Our rigid films

Our rigid films can be manufactured with a recyclate content of >99% and thus offer you a sustainable solution for particularly sensitive products. They are temperature resistant from -40°C to +75°C. The film can be perfectly adapted to your needs by means of thermal lamination of sealing media and barrier layers. Our APET is available in transparent, colored and printed versions.

Produktblatt TechnikZentrum_druck-Sept2013-4


Up to 100% recycled content possible in APET







Milky Folie-kl



We accompany you

Service is key


Despite constantly changing market requirements, BUERGO.FOL has proven its great competitiveness with new products. Thanks to the experience we have gained in film production over the last 40 years, we are able to offer new, market-driven products time and time again. BUERGO.FOL is the first manufacturer in the world to use systems for 5- and 7-layer film production in one production process.

Smart ideas

Especially in the age of information technology, BUERGO.FOL has set itself the goal of giving the packaging industry its own impulses. Our innovative developments should make you, the customer, even more successful. We are happy to support you!

We love, what we do

In addition to flexible films, we now also produce rigid foils with all equipment at a second location. In order to be able to act as a full-service provider, a printing center with the latest printing and peripheral systems was put into operation at a third location in 2009. In this way, you receive all packaging solutions for food and technical applications from us from a single source.

Prints on film

Flexographic printing and counterfeit protection

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